Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy Dassehra! Why is it the Internet of a Festival?

If you’ve been with me the past few days as I went round the blog floor in nine nights of dancing and corresponding colours, thanks for making it to the final culminating day.
The nine nights end with Dassehra – the final 10th day – again celebrated differently in different parts of India.
In a nutshell however the day represents triumph of good over evil, the victorious and the vanquished.

But for me the past nine days and the nine colours have given rise to more questions than answers and would love all of you to try and answer as many as you can down below in the comments section of the blog.

Question 1.
My friend RP happily suggested that these colours always existed and there is also a specific logic behind the symbolism of the colours for each day. I buy that logic 100%. The symbolism of colour in the Indian social and religious scenario is huge. But what beats me is something else – why are the colours different for different years?
Here are the examples:

Who did this? The Internet? The Gods? The Goddesses?

Question 2
While the Goddess worshipped on each day wears a colour that represents what She stands for, why do devotees wear another colour on that day?

Question 3 (and this one is simple!)

Did you follow the colours all 9 days? If yes, post your pics with the day and colour and we'll make a festival of it!

Question 4
I know this festival has always been celebrated with aplomb. But why do I feel this celebration has gone up several notches now? Is the net making it bigger than what it is? Are the colours a new phenomenon? 
Let's keep this conversation going. It's about 20 days to Diwali now! Stay blessed.

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Shivani Gupta said...

And biggest question of all... what colour to wear on the 10th day?

Ypsilon said...

@shivani... It was great to have the colour choices made for you, wasn't it? But sometimes it's also nice for these to be left to us! Now until Diwali... we can do as we wish! So much freedom of colour!