Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Diwali, light up your life!

It’s the biggest, most celebrated Indian festival of the year. Diwali comes knocking once a year, bursting with the sounds of crackers, illuminated by a thousand lights and spreading the joys of unlimited festivities that begin by humbly cleaning the home and moving into a crescendo of meeting and greeting friends and family and the myriad exchange of gifts and sweets!

As the wild excesses come to an end, a new year is heralded with heartfelt wishes of peace and prosperity and the world goes back to its humdrum life once more.

But Diwali is more than that.

There’s mythology there. The legend of Ram. The legend of Narakasura. The legend…

And then there is light.

It’s time we step back from the noise of crackers and the opulent show of glittering lights.

Sit in silence and think about the light within.

Time we illuminate the dark recesses of our ignorant minds with knowledge and hopefully, wisdom.

Time we light up the dark side of our hearts with love and lightness.

Time we brighten our attitudes to look at the sunny side of every event and make the most of turning challenges into opportunities.

Time we illumine another soul with the light that shines in ours.

It’s time the world became a lighter, brighter place.

Diwali, I believe, is here to remind us of that.

Light up your life this year, no matter where in the world you are.

Happy Diwali. 


Affy said...

The article aptly reflects the Title of the Blog, Tectonic Shifts.
It start on a lofty note with references to thousands of lights, unlimited festivities, myriad of gifts and iconic mythological characters of Rama and Narakasura and then goes deep down into the dark side of our hearts and reaches right upto the soul of a human being.
It covers the materialsitic external lights to the light within and all in between.

Beautifully written.

Crafty Shines said...

Reading this was like a shift from the noisy and jarringly bright scenes to one that's tranquil and still. Not the typical scene one relates with a topic like this festival, and that's just the loss of our kinds, I guess.

Of course, this is what Diwali should look like.

Loved this, V!

Happy Diwali to you too.

Ypsilon said...

Thanks Affy!

I do hope the inner light shines for you through the year ahead!

Ypsilon said...

Thanks for your comments.Yes this is the ideal Diwali look...
But it really is not like that is it?